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Established in 2011, The Gun Cleaners expert cleaning staff has cleaned thousands of firearms ranging from Civil War Era rifle heirlooms to the latest and greatest semi and fully-automatic firearm platforms.  Safe to say that whether it's The Solvent, The Lube or the Dirty Little Bore Box, The Gun Cleaners has you covered !   As an LEO Owned and Operated Company, The Gun Cleaners takes extreme pride in helping to maintain your firearms !  And to make this company and their products even more worthy of your support, with every purchase made, they donation a portion of the proceeds to the OATH ministry to combat veteran suicide via outdoors therapeutic events !



Ultimate Firearms Cleaner.
“The” Solvent is a pH neutral cleaner.
Water-based and highly biodegradable formula.
Contains no Petroleum solvents or hydrocarbons.
It is safe on hands, non-flammable, non-caustic.
Non-corrosive and contains no phenols.


There are several issues with petroleum-based products that lead to a subpar lubrication experience for our customers :

  • Petroleum-based lubrications have a Low Specific Gravity (LSG) therefore water or moisture in the air will displace the petroleum lubrication from the metal. The moisture stays on the surface which causes corrosion and rust (commonly known as “flash rust”.)
  • Petroleum-based lubrications have a very volatile organic content (VOC) which means it evaporates very quickly. This means that the lubrication stays on the gun’s surfaces for a shorter amount of time thereby exposing the gun’s surface to air, moisture and other particulates.
  • Petroleum-based lubrications have larger micron molecules that do not adhere to the guns porous surface efficiently as nano-molecules. This low adhesion levels also allow for the lubrication to dissipate quickly.

The Gun Cleaners took these deficiencies from the petroleum-based lubrications and created “The” Lube . “The”Lube" is a superior product due to :

  • The Lube is a synthetic solvent which means that it is a man-made product and it a true lubricant. It is not a petroleum (oil) based.
  • The Lube has a High Specific Gravity (HSG) which means that it is heavier than water. Water and humidity will not penetrate this product thereby preventing rust and corrosion.
  • The Lube’s base product is a PCBFT with nano-level molecules that are 1000 times smaller than micron molecules. In addition, nano additives attach to the lubricant molecules allowing for longer attachment to the porous gun surfaces thereby creating a strong barrier against corrosion and rust.
  • The Lube creates a lubricant barrier which reduces friction and heat, the biggest enemy against gun accuracy and overall performance.
  • Extreme Pressure Additives were added to help the molecules stay intact while also reducing friction.
  • The Lube has a very Low Volatile Organic Content VOC. 75% lower than petroleum-based lubricants.  This means that its evaporation rate is extremely slow, protecting the gun surfaces longer.

The Gun Cleaners has put this product through our own real-world testing.  We have used this product on more than 10,000 of our own customer’s firearms.  The Gun Cleaner’s clientele range from military, law enforcement, competition shooter, to your everyday hunters and gun enthusiast.


Everything you need to clean your dirty bore in one box! Because no one likes a dirty little bore…

Includes the following :

The Lube

The Solvent

Micro Cleaning Rag

Cleaning Brush

The Gun Cleaners Sticker